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APCO F3 Biplace

F3 Bi is a dedicated full reflex wing, bringing the best of what we have to offer to the tandem experience.

Based on our F3, the F3 Bi is a direct result of customer demand wishing for the same experience with their F3 paramotor wing in a tandem wing.

A solid, stable, easy to use wing that enjoys all the latest technology and the full range of performance that only a full reflex wing can offer.

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  • Fully functional accelerator/speed system (for accommodating trikes)
  • Pat. pending RollerCam® buckles for effortless trimmer control even with the heaviest trikes.
  • Amazing Roll Stability powered by Apco’s Flow Aligned Ribs.
  • Stabilo tip steering handles – easy to reach, light brake load for cruising.
  • Apco’s legendary durability and long lasting materials.
  • Huge speed range. Trimmers only, or in combination with accelerator.
  • Apco’s FLEXON® battens, indestructible, no need for special care or folding methods.
  • Butt Holes2 – Passive cleaning of sand and debris from inside the wing.


 F3Bi is in line for DGAC approval - currently in process

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