Multi tool for pilot or spécial gift idee ! !


So small that you can easily take it anywhere is this Herbertz mini-tool. In addition to the pliers, it offers 8 internal tools, including blade, nail file, saw, cap lifter and various screwdrivers. Pretty Pakka wood shells provide a good look. Including leather case with belt loop.

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Pleinair has selected for you this tool of ultra compact German manufacture of the famous cutlery of Solingen, light (125 grams!) And practical, it will be for you an invaluable help when it will be necessary to cut a wire, loosen a link, screw, unscrew, uncap, a whole range of tools at your fingertips and who will be discreet in your pocket!

Some examples of use:

Cutting pliers
Fine beaker
Bottle opener (very important !!)
Hand saw (for wood or other)
Point to drill
2 mm screwdriver
4 mm screwdriver
Screwdriver 5 mm
Phillips screwdriver
Slicing knife
Size + cure nail


Length: 7.1 cm
Closed: 3.8 cm
Open : 11.1 cm
Weight: 125 g

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