Fly Product Trike Eco 4
  • Fly Product Trike Eco 4
  • Fly Product Trike Eco 4
  • Fly Product Trike Eco 4
  • Fly Product Trike Eco 4
  • Fly Product Trike Eco 4
  • Fly Product Trike Eco 4


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ECO 4 is a cart really SUBLIME!

Try it and pass it (that's what I did ...).

It is especially designed for pilots who want comfort and a peaceful flight.

The Vanguard engine 1000CC 4T equipped propeller 1.60 m, produces a maximum thrust of ensuring a smooth flight, to be fuel efficient and very quiet.

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Italian manufacturer of paramotors, paragliders and trikes, Fly Products, has a new trike for 2010: The Eco 4 Power trike uses a HKS aeronautical four stroke engine, which FLY PRODUCT say is quiet, fuel efficient and powerful.


The engine has been designed to be a rugged, compact light and reliable paramotor which PLY PRODUCT say is an excellent unit for training and tandem flights.


The Eco 4 trike combines a polished stainless steel main frame with a fully dismountable aluminum external cage for easy transport and shipping.





Eco 4 is the most beautiful and the most efficient I have ever tried.

European manufacture

It can be folded partially or completely, so, you can store and transport it easily.

It is difficult to construct a machine but FLY PRODUCT achieved a progress :many have tried unsuccessfully imitates ...

PLEINAIR pure two-seater delivers qualifications to buy a machine and provides special training for the maintenance of 4-stroke engine.

Arrival of the new trike FLY PRODUCT: true tandem Pro

Pleinair advises imperative to involve a two-seater quality specially developed for this: the famous JOJOWING QUEST II 386 kg (European Manufacturing).



More information HERE.

QUEST II in tandem JOJOWING: reference unanimous heavy paramotor!

The only biplace Counterpart standard load tested to 386 kg under 6 g.

For over 15 years, JOJO has acquired expertise in the PPG and more particularly in the heavy truck. We have developed a common veil specially adapted to heavy loads.

Without conceding the pleasure of sailing a classic slip, its main advantages are:

  • Slow roll
  • Little effort to control
  • Passive safety enormous
  • Inflation school
  • Rock solid ...

In short, a big success!