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Reference: P935

Brand: GIN

copy of Pegasus GIN

Engineered to take you farA perfect choice for your first paramotor wing, the Pegasus is engineered to optimise safety, comfort and handling, while offering the versatility to take you far.

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Reference: P888

Brand: GIN

copy of The wing Vantage of GIN

The Vantage is an easy intermediate paramotoring wing certified LTF 23-05. The Vantage is a classical paraglider design and has great stability under power with agile handling. Performance is very good compared to the EN B level of security.

Price €3,052.50
Disponible sous quelques jours. En cas d'impératif, merci de le préciser lors de votre commande.

Reference: P989

Brand: GIN

GIN Aile biplace Fuse3

The Fuse 3 is a tandem paraglider for professionals who demand maximum efficiency, reliability and also flying pleasure.

Price €3,235.00
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Reference: P912

Brand: GIN

Bolero 7 GIN

Ever since its first version in 1999, the Bolero has provided a solid foundation for thousands of pilots to develop their skills—from the first steps on the training slopes to soaring effortlessly amongst the clouds.

Price €2,739.17
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Reference: P003

Brand: GIN

GIN Bobcat (voile seule)

Speedflying, a new flying concept - Speedflying is flying fast downhill.The concept has evolved from speedriding, the fast mountain descent under a speedglider launched on skis.

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Reference: P0199 20

Brand: GIN

GIN Voile paramoteur Falcon

Speed and efficiency without compromiseThe Falcon is a state-of-the-art reflex paramotor wing for intermediate to advanced pilots. The wing is fast, stable, agile and fuel-efficient—ideal for fun flying, cross-country, bivouac and competition.

Price €2,890.83
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