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Reference: P385S

MCC AVIATION Orbea EVO light EN.B Best choice 2013 !

For me, the Orbéa is the reference of mountain and travel sail thanks to its performances (over 8.5 fineness) and it's lightness. Alexandre Paux et Claude Thurneer made a good job on this sail. It is an incontounable choice, in the top 3 of the best sails today.It's the top of the range !!   Swiss quality !!!!

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Disponible sous quelques jours. En cas d'impératif, merci de le préciser lors de votre commande.

Reference: P927M

Brand: NEO

GIN Néo String

The NEO String is easy to use, and light to carry, and will accompany you on any trip to any location to enjoy the flight! 290g of comfort, simplicity and pilot happiness.

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Reference: P987

Brand: GIN

GIN Voile Yeti

500g lighter, tons more funUpdated with new-generation technology, the Yeti has even better launch and into-wind glide characteristics.

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