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Reference: P622


Everest 2 SUP'AIR

The World's lightest certified harness !A harness designed with minimal weight in mind.No buckles to deal with. Step-in style harness entry.The ultimate alpine harness.

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Reference: P927M

Brand: NEO

GIN Néo String

The NEO String is easy to use, and light to carry, and will accompany you on any trip to any location to enjoy the flight! 290g of comfort, simplicity and pilot happiness.

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Reference: PSky4


Skylighter 3

e reason why SKYLIGHTER 3 differs from the crowd. We introduce Easy Custom Tuning (ECT) into the SKYLIGHTER 3. Not only can you tune SKYLIGHTER 3 to your style, you can tune it to your wings behavior, weather conditions and your skill level too. SKYLIGHTER 3’s new double adjustable ABS means big improvements to in-flight comfort, stability and...

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Reference: P002

Brand: GIN

Harness ultra-light Yeti GIN

Yeti: a little more weight, a lot more comfort and convenience. Our new Yeti harness now comes in 2 versions: the Yeti ultralight version shown here with opening buckles, or the Xtrem version, a minimalist step-in harness without buckles. 

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