Sacs pliage magic-bag
Sacs pliage magic-bag

Sacs pliage magic-bag

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Reference: P770P

Brand: GIN

GIN Concertina bag

Protect your investment with the GIN concertina bag. Folding your wing using the concertina method maintains optimum performance and inflation charactertistics by maintaining the shape of the leading edge and by minimizing panel stretching and fabric abrasion.

Price €69.67
Disponible sous quelques jours. En cas d'impératif, merci de le préciser lors de votre commande.

Reference: P986S

Brand: NEO

Easy Pack NEO - Sac de pliage ultralight

Various folding bags are now available on the market. Our goal is to propose one without useless straps, zips, printing or buckles, and withoutmarketing gimmicks. The NEO Easy Pack is made in France yet reasonably priced, and is the lightest available.

Price €53.33
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Reference: P770G

Brand: GIN

GIN Fast packing bag

Fast packing stuff bag for convenient and easy packing of glider and harness, large enough for tandem equipment. Two shoulder straps for easy carrying.

Price €74.17

Reference: P770B

Brand: GIN

GIN Sac rapide de portage - NEW-

A more durable packing bag with rucksack-like features suitable for carrying longer distances than a typical fast packing bag. The XXL size is perfect for a tandem wing plus harnesses.

Price €113.00
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