Rescues Parachutes
Rescues Parachutes

Rescues Parachutes

It is an essential accessory for your safety. His choice is very technical (pendulum effect, sink rate, oscillations, opening times ...) and preferably requires good advice before buying.

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SUP'AIR Rescue systems Start Bi

A simple well designed reserve parachute, easy to pack, and extremely stable.Total hooking weight ( without including the paraglider weight ) - Maximum: 215 kg / 474 lbs.Certification: EN 12491 and LTF 3503.

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Rescue Front Container - Paramotor Black/Blue

Frontal container can be used in the paramotor or in a regular flight, reserves 33, 37, 36CD and 40CD.   MATERIAL: Neoprene and Cordura® WEIGHT: 450g SIZE: Unique - Rescues 33, 37, 36CD and 40CD COLOURS:Black with blue details

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